Kelix de Zagottis

Currently living in Juneau, AK flying for Coastal Helicopters. I am married to Alisha de Zagottis, a midwife practicing at the The Juneau Family Birth center. As well we have our fluff named Otto along for the ride. 


Blessed to be born and raised in Bellingham, WA I was exposed to everything from the ocean to the mountains. I spent my weekends and summers largely outdoors; camping & becoming an Eagle Scout, skiing, snowboarding, and sailing. My grandfather always said you a need hobbies, so I got a lot of them.


In my adult life I continued these passions. I worked as a Whitewater Guide, taught avalanche courses and became a Commercial Fisherman in Alaska. I then saved my fishing money to get me through helicopter school which bring us to today.

Ali's and my long term goal is to return to AK, paint a stork on a helicopter, and start a back-country baby delivery service. We joke anyway.... kinda'